Setup Accounts

You will need a couple accounts to perform the exercises. They’re very easy to setup:

  1. Github for collaborating with versioned code repositories and use to serve websites.
  2. Google to contribute towards notes in Google Docs and use Google Sheets. You don’t need a gmail account and can even use your existing email to setup a Google account.

Install Software

This training will require the following software installed on your machine:

  1. Webex for connecting to the live webinar.
  2. R scientific programming language
  3. RStudio integrated development environment
  4. Git version control

Please download the appropriate stable release for your operating system. I highly recommend getting the newest versions for all the latest features.

Option. For those of you without install privileges on your machine, e.g. a government issued laptop, you can use for free (up to 15 hours per month; see pricing for more), which provides you with R + RStudio + git through your web browser.